Bravo – Pull Up To Me Bumper ft Kantu, Kai, Cinori

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Released 2018

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After the release of the One Drum album by Bravo in 2016, the legendary producer and song writer is back again with a series of weekly singles releases that will make up the 20 track “One Drum Volume Two”, also sub-titled “Onslaught”.

Unlike the brilliant first One Drum helping which emphasized lyrically thought provoking content, “Onslaught” is focused on driving content to the current main stream music fans.

The project will feature various industry giants as well as talented upcoming artists from Zambia and beyond our borders.

This first single “Pull Up To Me Bumper” with a rock undertone features well known local songstress Kantu and two fresh on the scene artists, Kai and rapper-singer Cinori.

So hang tight because if there’s anything to expect, the music maestro will deliver a rich array of music that will impact the industry positively and give fans an alternative sound to what we are normally used to. #TheRevolutionInYourEars #Onslaught #OneDrumVolumeTwo #SlingBeats #Chachine